How to backup a Mikrotik router

How to backup a Mikrotik router

How to backup a Mikrotik router - Backing up a Mikrotik router device is very important and is recommended to be done regularly to prevent unwanted things. There are 2 ways to back up a Mikrotik router.

1.Use the Backup/Restore button from the Mikrotik device

  •     Open winbox and access the router
  •     Pilijh menu files
  •     Click the backup button to perform a backup
  •     or press the restore button to restore
  •     When backing up, download the backup file and save it to another PC/HDD

2. Using Export/Import
When buying a new router and don't want to reconfigure it, we can take the configuration from the router that was previously set up. Because the backup restore function can only be done for the same device. For this reason, you can use the export/import method on Mikrotik here's how

  •     Open winbox and access the router
  •     Open terminal
  •     Enter the command export compact file="file-name"
  •     To import use the command import file-name="name-file"
  •     Download the export file and save it elsewhere

For information, the import export function will not save the configuration for the Mikrotik user's internal account and password

That's how to backup a Mikrotik router, make sure to do a backup/export before you make changes to your Mikrotik device.