Captive portal login hotspot with email,whatsapp and ads

Captive portal login hotspot with email,whatsapp and ads

Captive portal login hotspot with email, WhatsApp and ads - is a captive portal login application service for Mikrotik hotspots using email, WhatsApp and watching video advertisements.

Application Features:

  1. WiFi login with email
  2. Login to wifi by watching advertising videos
  3. Login to WiFi with form generator
  4. Login to WiFi with your name and WhatsApp number
  5. WiFi login with voucher
  6. Voucher Management
  7. Staff management to create cashier users
  8. Notification voucher directly to WhatsApp number
  9. Login Log
  10. Member Data
  11. Download Member Data
  12. placing ad
  13. Auto Delete Expired Vouchers
  14. Customized Landing Page(background and logo)
  15. Using your WhatsApp number
  16. WhatsApp API dashboard
  17. advertising video statistics

Price : IDR 350.000/month - Order Now
*To use this service a Mikrotik router is required

Captive hotspot login portal is a system that allows users to connect to public Wi-Fi networks in a secure and controlled manner. This system requires users to enter login credentials before they can access the internet. This allows network administrators to monitor and control access to their public Wi-Fi networks.

The captive portal login hotspot system is usually used in public places such as cafes, hotels, airports and shopping centers. This system can also be used by companies to provide safe and controlled internet access for their employees.

A captive portal hotspot login system typically consists of several components, including an authentication server, a database server, and a web server. The authentication server is responsible for verifying user login credentials, while the database server stores user information. Web servers are used to display login pages and control access to public Wi-Fi networks.

The captive portal hotspot login system can be configured to meet specific user needs. Some of the configurable features include customized login pages, authentication methods, and internet access times provided to users.